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Vehicle Sightings Reports and License Plate Recognition
Easily access the travel history and last known locations of road-bound vehicles in the United States

Vehicle Sightings Search

Search by license plate in a single state or across the country with returned results within the following categories:

  • Current: sightings within the last 30 days

  • Recent: sightings from 31 to 90 days

  • Historical: sightings older than 90 days

                                                     Use Vehicle Sightings to: 

  • Spot patterns by plotting multiple sightings for the same vehicle

  •  Uncover the most likely locations of search subjects 

  • Reveal predictive travel patterns

  • Identify potential associates/relationships/contacts

  • Reach subjects who are actively avoiding contact

  • Identify various types of fraud, including: garaging fraud, commercial use of a personal vehicle, pre-existing damage and more

  • Investigate claims and alibis

  • Recover stolen vehicles

  • Skip trace

  • locate missing person(s)


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