R.I. Investigations can also submit FBI fingerprint cards (FD-258) electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Our Fingerprint Card Scanning service can be performed for Level II Live scan background check requirements. 

The complete cost of this service is $90, which includes the following services" Card scanning, electronic submission, and the level 2 criminal background screening performed by the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement and the FBI.

Intended recipients (State Agencies) are notified of the results. Please note: Every transaction needs an ORI# number. To obtain this number please contact the agency who is requesting the background check. Please note that if a photograph is required for your license, you must send us an appropriate picture to submit with your fingerprints or your background screening results will not be placed in the AHCA or DOH Clearinghouse. Instructions for sending us the appropriate type of photograph are included in this instruction sheet.


If you have any questions or need help with the process please contact our office at 786-554-1191

Please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Have your fingerprints taken on FBI FD-258 fingerprint card at your local Live Scan Fingerprinting Service Provider OR Police Station/Sheriff’s Office. Make certain that the fingerprint scan card is filled out completely, fingerprints are aligned correctly, and that it is signed by the official taking your fingerprints.

  2. Print out the form from our website called: “OUT OF STATE FLORIDA LICENSING APPLICANT”. This form must be filled out completely. The information for the ORI # can be obtained from your employer or the Agency requiring you to get the background screening performed. This information can usually be found on their website or you may need to call them for their ORI number. This is required by the FDLE in order for them to know where to send the results of the background screening.

  3. Make a legible photo copy of your government issued photo I.D. (passport or driver’s license)

  4. For background checks that require photographs (Fl Dept of Health, AHCA, DCF), to accompany your application, you can take a selfie with a neutral colored, plain background. It should be from just above the top of your head to include your shoulders, with a neutral facial expression (like a passport photo), with no glasses, with nothing covering your face. This must be sent to us via e-mail as a .JPG ATTACHMENT. Our e-mail address: rilivescan@gmail.com

  5. Mail 1 (one) fingerprint card (2 cards are recommended), the completed form, a clear legible copy of your current and valid government issued photo ID, to:

       R.I. Investigations, Inc.

       2639 SE 21st Court

       Homestead, FL 33035

NOTE: DO NOT INCLUDE OR SEND A PAYMENT NOW. It is best to receive and review quality of your fingerprints first. If fingerprints are received and clear (or not), you will be notified by text, phone call, or email. If the quality is good, we will send you an invoice and a payment made within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.



T: 786-554-1191

F: 786-551-8357