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South Florida Fingerprinting’s Response to COVID-19

In order to practice social distancing, but still provide fingerprinting services to those on the front lines of this pandemic (such as medical personnel). We have allowed customers to reserve appointment times within 30 minutes of each other. Only one customer will be serviced at a time.



Live Scan is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically in order to conduct a criminal background check for purposes of employment, licensure, certification, personal request, and more.  This current technology replaces the need to have your fingerprints taken using ink cards.  The submission process is instant, which means the FDLE or FBI can provide the applicant’s results in a more timely manner.  This speeds up the overall background check process.

We collect electronically fingerprints for 90+ FL licensed professions, which includes, Real Estate Sales, Security Officers, LPNs. Doctors, Nurses, Guardianship, Teachers, Mortgage Loan Brokers, Yacht sales, Marijuana Industry (Compassionate Use), and more. 


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R.I. Investigations can also submit FBI fingerprint cards (FD-258) electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Our Fingerprint Card Scanning service can be performed for Level II Live scan background check requirements. Mail is to us. All received fingerprint cards are digitized within 24 hours upon receipt. Once completed, your fingerprints are electronically sent to FDLE for processing, (which can take 2 to 4 business days). 

Intended recipients (State Agencies) are notified of the results. Please note: Every transaction needs an ORI# number. To obtain this number please contact the agency who is requesting the background check. 


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