Comprehensive Background Check

R.I. Investigations also do Comprehensive Background Checks, which is a background check that doesn’t require an individual to be fingerprinted. A Comprehensive Background Check includes the following:

(Driver’s license info, Possible aliases, Possible Criminal/Infractions, Deceased Report, City History, County History, Address Summary, Phones, Emails, IP Addresses, Possible Employer, Bankruptcies, Lien, Judgments, Properties, Foreclosures, Motor Vehicles, Aircraft, Possible Relatives, Possible Relative Details, Possible Associates, Possible Associates Details, Business).

This type of background check is requested by an individual for two main reasons:

1. An individual seeking assurance that their personal and sensitive information has not been misused and manipulated by anyone they have or have not encountered in the past. This is common.

2. An individual is about to be hired for a high level/very important position within the company they work in and want to pre-screen their own background prior to being officially fingerprinted. This is common.